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Pelicanman praised by US media

Pelicanman won over the hearts of the Tribeca Film Festival audience – as well as the critics.

In Variety, John Anderson writes that the “profoundly funny” Pelicanman is “custom-cut for an English-lingo remake – provided a lead can be found who's as charmingly quirky and naturally birdlike as 'P-Man's' Kari Ketonen”. Anderson finds something “profoundly Finnish” in the film: ”Pelicanman's first day on the job as a stage hand at the opera house is a succession of silent comedy routines that are doubly funny because of what they also say about the taciturn Finns.” He concludes with: ”It's hard to imagine kids, or adults either, not warming to this rare bird, that's sweet, forthright and honestly emotional.”
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In his article “Best of Tribeca”, Kevin Canfield from The Journal News presents four of the best of more than 250 films – one of which is Pelicanman: “The film works on several levels... Though aimed at a family audience, PelicanMan is not all giggles and cotton candy – which is why it works so well. The director clearly has faith in her young audience's ability to recognize that life isn't always about storybook endings.” Read whole article (rtf).

Also Nancy Ramsey from LA Times lists Pelicanman as one of the highlights of the festival. Read whole article (rtf).

Producers Anita Oxburgh and Hanna Hemilä with Director Liisa Helminen (in the middle) in New York with Pelicanman. Image: Petri Krook.

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